CS 7937: Arch/Async Seminar
Architecture Reading Club

The Architecture Reading Club convenes once every week and is organized by the Utah Arch research group. The seminar's objective is to discuss various aspects of modern computer architecture. Every meeting is encouraged to be an interactive session where a presenter talks about some recent papers published in top computer architecture / operating systems / circuits venues.

Students registered for credits are expected to present at least once during the course of the semester. To sign up for a slot, send an email to Ali (shafiee@cs) with the subject line arch-rd-signup and mention the date and the links to the paper(s).

Spring 2015 Schedule

Date Presenter Paper(s) Remarks
Jan 20 Akhila CPU Transparent Protection of OS Kernel and Hypervisor Integrity with Programmable DRAM paper
Jan 27 Sahil Mitigating Prefetcher-Caused Pollution Using Informed Caching Policies for Prefetched Blocks paper
Feb 3 Ali DaDianNao: A Machine-Learning Supercomputer paper
Feb 10 Shaobo Understanding modern device drivers paper
Feb 17 Anand The Tao of Parallelism in Algorithms paper
Feb 24 Arjun Neurogrid: A Mixed-Analog-Digital Multichip System for Large-scale Neural Simulations paper
Mar 3 Meysam WebCore: Architectural Support for Mobile Web Browsing paper
Mar 10 Manju Cooperative Boosting: Needy Versus Greedy Power Management paper
Mar 30 Rajeev neuromorphic computing
Apr 7 Akhila Merkle Tree Optimization paper
Apr 14 Paymon Low Power Asynchronous VLSI with NEM Relays paper
Apr 21 Sahil Spatial Memory Streaming paper
Apr 28 Paymon <>

Suggested Papers

MICRO 2014 HPCA 2014 ISCA 2014 ASPLOS 2014 HPCA 2015

Papers Presented In Previous Semesters

MICRO 2014 HPCA 2014 ISCA 2014 ISCA 2013 HPCA 2013


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