CS 7937: Architecture & VLSI Seminar

The Architecture Reading Club convenes once every week and is organized by the Utah Arch Research Group. The seminar's objective is to discuss various aspects of modern computer architecture. Every meeting is encouraged to be an interactive session where presenters talk about recent papers published in top tier computer architecture, operating systems, circuit design conferences.

Students registered for credits are expected to present at least once during the course of the semester. To sign up for a slot, send an email to Arjun (arjunmax@cs.utah.edu) with the subject line arch-rd-signup and mention the date and the links to the paper(s).

Fall 2017 Schedule

Date Presenter Paper(s) Links
Sep 1 Surya Narayanan Amnesiac Automatic Computer, ASPLOS 2017 paper
Sep 8 Karl An Experimental Microarchitecture for a Superconducting Quantum Processor paper
Sep 15 Anirban Race logic: a hardware acceleration for dynamic programming algorithms paper
Sep 22 Meysam Telling Your Secrets Without Page Faults: Stealthy Page Table-Based Attacks on Enclaved Execution paper
Sep 29 Sumanth DICE: Compressing DRAM Caches for Bandwidth and Capacity paper
Oct 6 Nupur TETRIS: Scalable and Efficient Neural Network Acceleration with 3D memory paper
Oct 20 No-Presentation
Oct 27 Arjun Perceptron Learning for Reuse Prediction paper
Nov 3 Keeton Heterogeneous Hardware/Software Acceleration of the BWA-MEM DNA Alignment Algorithm paper
Nov 10 Shirley Fine-Grained DRAM: Energy-Efficient DRAM for Extreme Bandwidth Systems paper
Dec 1 Payman Exploring Hyper-dimensional Associative Memory paper

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Suggested Papers

MICRO 2016 HPCA 2017 ISCA 2017 ASPLOS 2016

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