CS 7937: Arch/Async Seminar
Architecture Reading Club

The Architecture Reading Club convenes once every week and is organized by the Utah Arch research group. The seminar's objective is to discuss various aspects of modern computer architecture. Every meeting is encouraged to be an interactive session where a presenter talks about some recent papers published in top computer architecture / operating systems / circuits venues.

Students registered for credits are expected to present at least once during the course of the semester. To sign up for a slot, send an email to Nil (nil@cs) with the subject line arch-rd-signup and mention the date and the links to the paper(s).

Spring 2013 Schedule

Date Presenter Paper(s) Remarks
Jan 25 Paymon Understanding Sources of Inefficiency in General-Purpose Chips
Feb 1 Nil Tiered Latency DRAM: A Low Latency and Low Cost DRAM Architecture
Feb 8 Manju Rethinking DRAM Powermodes for Energy Proportionality slides
Feb 15 Seth Prefetching Discussion
Feb 22 No Meeting
Mar 1 Ali FPB: Fine-grained Power-Budgeting to Improve Write Throughput of Multi-level Cell Phase Change Memory
Mar 8 Ankit Disintegrated Control for Energy-Efficient and Heterogeneous Memory Systems
Mar 15 Al, Nil Discussions on SERDES and on LRDIMMs LR-DIMM slides
Mar 22 Meysam Page-based DRAM Caching
Mar 29 David Wang (Inphi) DDR4 Features and Emerging Memory Trends
Apr 5 Ankit Regularities Considered Harmful: Forcing Randomness to Memory Access to Reduce Row Buffer Conflicts for Multi-core, Multi-Bank Systems
Apr 12 Nil Cache-Revive: Architecting Volatile STT-RAM Caches for Enhanced Performance in CMPs
Evaluating STT-RAM as an Energy-Efficient Main Memory Alternative
Apr 19 Manju A Case For Refresh-Pausing in DRAM Memory Systems

Suggested Papers

MICRO 2012 ISCA 2012

Papers Presented In Previous Semesters

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